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I just resubmitted in RTF format Leven Thumps and the
Whispered Secret (Leven Thumps book 2)

Easy validation-completely proofread and all typing,
formatting, and spelling errors corrected.  Good book.

Description: You must be ready to join Leven Thumps,
Clover Ernest, and Winter Frore as they journey across
Foo to free Geth from his existence as a toothpick and
restore him as the rightful heir to the throne. It
won?t be easy. Foo is in chaos, and Leven must
overcome several adversaries and survive the Swollen
Forest to save his friends and keep hope alive. As
fate would have it, bad goes to worse when Leven digs
up a buried secret-one that stalks him, determined to
whisper a truth that could be deadly in the wrong
hands. Will Leven master control of his power, or will
Foo crumble under a dark, new enemy?


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