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Hi, all. I just submitted THE BIBLE PROMISE BOOK: KING JAMES VERSION. I put 
some detailed comments in the comments field for whoever takes this book, 
but it should be an easy validation. I went through the whole book 
carefully, fixing any scanning errors I found, particularly with the 
Scripture locations that didn't scan well, so all of that should be good, 
but I do still have the book if there are any questions. There are more 
detailed comments, though. One thing I didn't catch on the synopsis, both 
long and short, and inside the book on the first page, this came from the 
book jacket, and it reads "One of life's few absolutes." It scanned "tew" 
instead of "few" and I forgot to fix it. This is not in the comments because 
I forgot to put it there, but if whoever takes this could fix that, I'd 
appreciate it. Anyway, the book jacket information is below for those who 
might be interested:
GOD'S PROMISES One of life's few absolutes.
Compared to death and taxes, God's promises certainly sound good. But these 
eternal words of comfort, love, hope, and peace are better than good. 
They're the best news of life. Millions of seekers around the world have 
discovered the treasures of The Bible Promise Book. Millions have embraced 
God's promises and not been disappointed.
Arranged in alphabetical order according to subject, this remarkable little 
book can be described in two words. Absolute necessity.
Julie Morales
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