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Richard Clark said it's an irony that people voted for Bush because they 
thought he kept them safe when he did nothing to keep them safe and was even 
counterproductive for safety.  Image is all, even in the high tech information 
age.  What people want to believe is what they believe.  Reality doesn't enter 
into it.  Eric is right in that sense.  The Electoral College doesn't make any 
difference as an edge against the uninformed masses, since the Electoral 
College is in cohoots with the corruption going on in Congress.  

Regarding being united in wartime, it occurs to me that one would have to be 
psychopathic to fight an offensive war with the same zeal one fights a 
defensive war.  Maybe that's a good sign, Americans aren't psychopathic, that's 
why we lost in Iraq.    But what a way to find out we're not psychopathic.

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Loved the 
offer to negotiate. The varmint is starting to wet 
his bed. Love it!
Or, as I read, he put that part in to show the other folk in other countries 
that he is not so bad after all.  The idea was that he recognized the antipathy 
towards him from those in this country, but is astute enough to know, as well, 
what to do in order to show those elsewhere what a reasonable guy he is...

He also always shows up when Bush needs to rise in the polls and things are not 
so great for him these days.  Having the arch enemy appear when you need such a 
boost must be very  nice for those in the current administration.  

What better reason to continue with the NSA spy tapping than to have someone 
appear and say that another attack on this nation is on its way?

The people who voted for Bush in order to keep us safe but who have been 
rocking outwards because of the domestic issues as well as the continuing 
problems overseas will rock back now ... they need to feel safe and Bush and 
his rhetoric will make them do so.

(The Bush handlers could not have set it up better for his ratings had they 

Marlena in Missouri

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