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bin Laden does not explain what this truce might look like, but it would
most likely involve the standard elements: removal of all infidel troops
from Saudi Arabia and the return of all land to the Palestinians.
Previously he has said that these were the conditions for ending his

Shortly after 9.11, Mr. bin Laden (as the NYT calls him) stated three demands: Remove infidel troops from Saudi Arabia. End US support for Israel. I can't remember the third one exactly; I think it was for Israel to shut down. Something like that.

Bush flatly rejected the three demands. A few months later, he quietly accepted the first one: the USA pulled out its troops out of Saudi Arabia.

9.11 worked. The Saudi guerillas/terrorists/freedom fighters/fundamentalists forced the USA to leave Saudi Arabia.

It was fairly certain this would happen. Under Reagan, the USA occupied Lebanon. Hezbollah was able to force the US to leave. They carbombed a building and killed 250 US Marines. The next day, Reagan diverted attention by "invading" Grenada and meanwhile, pulled the US out of Lebanon.

The Islamic fundamentalists have now learned twice that if they raise the stakes high enough, they can beat the US. Neither Reagan nor Bush were pacifists, liberals, or tree huggers. Both had Big Words about Standing Tall, Staying the Course, and so on. Yet both cut and ran.

The future for the USA in the Arab world doesn't look good. If the Islamic fundamentalists have been able twice to force the US to leave two critical locations, they will do this again. They will continue to hammer the US until it leaves.


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