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Thanks:  It shouldn't be beyond you that I support this present war or
compare it to WWII, but I know where you get your info so I'm not surprised
that it is.  In WWII we were attacked by adherents of fascist philosophies
who hoped to conquer us.  On 9/11 we were attacked by adherents of a fascist
ideology who hoped to conquer us.  (And that wasn't the first attack or the
first declaration of war against us by adherents of this ideology.)
Information about the Fascist regimes of WWII was readily available to the
curious.  Information about Islamist Fascist regimes and strategies is also
available to the curious.


Since I am not a pacifist I do not wish to be conquered by the Islamists.  I
don't even want our nation to be attacked by them.  Furthermore, since I
have been curious about the players I have spent a lot of time checking them
out.  Iraq was an enormous impediment in the way of our war against the
Islamists.  The war against Iraq has been a tremendous success in the war
against the Islamists.  You of course won't have heard that yet, but you


Of course the Islamists are slippery devils ready to pull the wool over the
eyes of the unwary.  See Andre Nusse's Muslim Palestine as an example of how
they operate.  The Islamists don't fit the Western preconception of Nation
States.  Sayyid Qutb didn't believe in the separation of the ummah into
nations.  This information is available to the curious and energetic.


Thus, since the Islamists have declared war against us, we who aren't
pacifists, seek to oppose them.  The Middle East, thanks to WWI and
especially the British and French is messy.  They split the Middle East up
in awkward national groupings.  The Islamists want to do away with all
borders although as Nusse indicates, local Islamist groups can support
political factions that provide them with some advantage.  They can never
settle for such agreements as ultimate solutions, but they can agree to them
keeping the word "temporary" in the forefront of their thinking.  Islamists
function in and have agreements with factions and regimes throughout the
Middle East and in all Islamic  nations.  Fighting them is going to be
difficult.  It is going to require imagination.  Alas, we shall probably get
very very bloody before we (as a nation) acquire any.





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Lawrence, welcome back!  Glad to see that you're still supporting this war.
How you can compare this war to WWII is beyond me, but welcome back anyway.
It's good to see your post.



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