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I completely fail to understand how opposing the Islamists has anything to  
do with attacking Iraq or ousting Sadaam.  He was a secularist, and what we  
have done is open the country to waves of Islamists who have footholds and 
 for their agendas.  If you support the war on Iraq for other reasons,  fine. 
 But I don't think you can make the case that attacking Iraq was an  
opposition to the Islamists.
Julie Krueger

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We have an enemy: the  Islamists.  The Islamists want to conquer us.  We need 
to oppose  them. 
If you disagree you  should logically argue that we donât need to oppose them 
or that they donât want  to conquer us. 
If we arenât opposing  them as well as we ought, that doesnât detract from 
the argument that we  ought to oppose them.   Although I did mention it as an 
aside, the people are being provided with faulty  information by the media.  I 
blame the media and the people for that.   The media for being perverse and 
the people for being gullible, but I am not  surprised by any it.  We will (as 
people) eventually learn that the enemy  is to be taken seriously â that he 
does want to conquer us.  It took a lot  of blood to get us into both World 
Wars.  We probably need to bleed a bit  more before we develop enthusiasm for 
this one, but notice that Osama does  intend to make us bleed. 

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Okay, let's cut the  leadership some slack.  It's all the people's fault that 
we lost this  war.  Let's blame them instead.  It wasn't Napoleon's fault 
that he  lost (or won).  It was the French people, right?   So let me get  this 
straight.  This is a necessary war, but not an important one.  Is  that right?  
And kindly point out the bothersome non sequiturs.  


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You are giving me a  headache with your non sequiturs.  I didnt discuss the 
importance, but  I do believe it is a necessary war.  It can become more 
important if we  dilly dally and let them win more than we ought to let them 
 You  have introduced several tangents which dont seem important.  We have 
an  implacable enemy.  We may or may not be fighting him as enthusiastically  
as we ought.  From the fact that so many people want us to withdraw  
prematurely from Iraq (to the delight of Osama) it is clear that millions  
understand the importance of fighting this enemy.   So  perhaps the people 
refer to as not doing something right ought to be given  some slack for not 
fighting them as well as they might.    
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Well, if it was such an  important war, why wasn't it fought more seriously?  
Why did the Army  have to laugh at their proposal and insist on a larger army 
than what  Rove & Co. wanted, and still be nowhere close to what was  needed? 
 Why was there no plan for after Baghdad fell?  Why did we  go to war with 
the army we had instead of the army we needed (a  paraphrase)?  Why cut taxes 
when the money is needed for military  spending to fund the army to fight this 
war that we need so desperately?   Yadda yadda.  In short, why was it not waged 
as if it was an important  war?  If you say it was the Democrats' fault, then 
you're passing the  buck.  The Republicans run the show and he had 
everybody's approval in  any case.


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