[lit-ideas] Re: Correction and Weight Watchers (1974)

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  • Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 13:04:56 -0500

> A.A.  Homosexuals do have things in common, to wit, they like drag, they
wear skirts with no underwear (based on past Gay Days in Disneyworld), they
are very youth and appearance oriented, they are among the biggest consumers
of sex related drugs such as Viagra, much of it bought on the internet, and
so on.  This is common knowledge.  Now the question becomes, why such an
emphasis on youth and appearance, why the need for skirts when even women
wear pants most of the time, and so on.

How bizarre your concepts are.

> A.A.  Or I'd have to know some serial killers or some drug addicts or some
prostitutes.  There are traits groups have in common, including ethnic
groups, such as Italians or Americans, that are very different from other
groups and are easily identified.  While individuals within any group are
different, groups tend to be fairly homogeneous in values and norms.  And,
unless you believe that things happen without cause, can we agree that these
guys self select for a reason, into this general lifestyle called "gay"
which chooses to emphasize a lot of sex and appearance for its mainstays.

How extradinarily bizarre your concepts are

> A.A.  Actually, I much prefer the History Channel.  Or CNN (for all its
faults).  Or even Judge Judy to get a really close glimpse of the masses.

Ah!  How understandable you bizarre concepts are.

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