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Andy doesn't know what Man United is so he doesn't know about David
Beckham -- now playing for Real Madrid.  (Talking of skirts and make-up and
hair and "gayness.)

Judy Evans

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> << A.A.  Homosexuals do have things in common, to wit, they like drag,
> > they
> > wear skirts with no underwear
> My God, what does this say about....Scotland?>>
> Well, there's
> this....http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=598&e=13&;
> u=/nm/arts_film_pitt_dc
> Pitt Says Men May Start Wearing Skirts After 'Troy'
> Sun May 9, 2:27 PM ET
> By Erik Kirschbaum
> BERLIN (Reuters) - Actor Brad Pitt (news) said Sunday that
> fashion-conscious
> men may be wearing Greek-style skirts soon after his big-budget
> film about the
> Trojan War opens this week.
> At a news conference before the Berlin world premiere of the
> Hollywood epic
> "Troy," Pitt said he was happy to launch the sword-and-sandals
> saga in Germany
> rather than at home in order to pay tribute to its German
> director Wolfgang
> Petersen (news).
> "Actors are loyal to their directors and Wolfgang is at the top of the
> bunch," he said. "It means a lot to him to bring the film home
> and I'm happy to be
> here."
> Adapted from Homer's epic poem "The Iliad," "Troy" is about the
> legendary
> 10-year conflict between Greeks and Trojans over the abduction
> of Helen, wife of
> Greek hero Menelaus, and the siege of Troy by united Greek forces.
> Asked if he enjoyed starring as the half-naked Greek demi-god
> Achilles in the
> film, Pitt said: "I'm naked all the time at home."
> "Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That's my prediction and
> proclamation," he said with a laugh. "The film answers to both
> genders. We were going
> for realism and Greeks wore skirts all the time then."
> Both Pitt and Petersen said they were confident contemporary
> audiences would
> enjoy and appreciate the battle-filled film set in ancient
> civilization, even
> though television screens are filled with real wars now
> happening around the
> world.
> "I'm not worried," Pitt said. "There's something in there for
> everyone ... I
> became an actor for roles like Achilles. The juxtaposition of an almost
> invulnerable man, an isolated character covering an immense
> heart inside." >>
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