[lit-ideas] Re: Correction and Weight Watchers (1974)

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The other was the long answer. <g>
The short answer (my opinion) is that people keep buying because they are 
seeking 1) to get in touch with an aspect of themselves which they have either 
lost track of or never really knew or acknowledge--  2) to 'escape' their 
reality or to be 'free' and they do not know or know how to do so in other 
[perhaps more healthy manners]  

I do think there are probably other reasons, as well, but do agree [presuming 
you were thinking this...] that there are deeper reasons than simply for 
'sex''--esp for those who are looking at the more [to me] upsetting types of 
pornography.  I also have read that it is more difficult to react on the 
level after one has trained oneself to react on the imaginative level and that 
is causing problems within relationships [particularly amongst the young] and 
that is one of the unforeseen aspects of the proliferation and easy access to 
pornographic media--actual physiological changes are occurring over time...but 
I would have to find those articles...and it's late...)

Wishing all a day filled with pleasant people and happenings,
Marlena in Missouri

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> >What is it that keeps porn the biggest industry on the internet, if not 
> >among the biggest, period.  What makes people keep buying?

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