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<< A.A.  Homosexuals do have things in common, to wit, they like drag, 
> they
> wear skirts with no underwear
My God, what does this say about....Scotland?>>

Well, there's 

Pitt Says Men May Start Wearing Skirts After 'Troy'

Sun May 9, 2:27 PM ET

By Erik Kirschbaum 
BERLIN (Reuters) - Actor Brad Pitt (news) said Sunday that fashion-conscious 
men may be wearing Greek-style skirts soon after his big-budget film about the 
Trojan War opens this week. 
At a news conference before the Berlin world premiere of the Hollywood epic 
"Troy," Pitt said he was happy to launch the sword-and-sandals saga in Germany 
rather than at home in order to pay tribute to its German director Wolfgang 
Petersen (news). 
"Actors are loyal to their directors and Wolfgang is at the top of the 
bunch," he said. "It means a lot to him to bring the film home and I'm happy to 
Adapted from Homer's epic poem "The Iliad," "Troy" is about the legendary 
10-year conflict between Greeks and Trojans over the abduction of Helen, wife 
Greek hero Menelaus, and the siege of Troy by united Greek forces. 
Asked if he enjoyed starring as the half-naked Greek demi-god Achilles in the 
film, Pitt said: "I'm naked all the time at home." 
"Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That's my prediction and 
proclamation," he said with a laugh. "The film answers to both genders. We were 
for realism and Greeks wore skirts all the time then." 
Both Pitt and Petersen said they were confident contemporary audiences would 
enjoy and appreciate the battle-filled film set in ancient civilization, even 
though television screens are filled with real wars now happening around the 
"I'm not worried," Pitt said. "There's something in there for everyone ... I 
became an actor for roles like Achilles. The juxtaposition of an almost 
invulnerable man, an isolated character covering an immense heart inside." >>

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