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You wrote
That one was shown to me by my friend Alex, last night, when we were drinking 
six packs in the gay bookstore where he used to be employed, flipping through 
trashy gay porn, 

A.A.  What is trashy gay porn?  Presumably if there is trashy porn, then there 
is classy porn, straight or gay, correct?  Does perfectly shaped genitalia make 
classy porn, or is it perhaps the absence of certain elements?  

Erin:  and preparing for our excursion to the Brass Rail, a strip 
club down the road with over priced domestic and bad uncoordinated strippers 
with stupid names like "Star".  All in typical Friday,

A.A. Interesting.  What are domestic strippers, and, since vendors charge what 
the market will bare, uh, bear, in what way are these strippers overpriced?  

As I said in an earlier post, I never particularly cared about homosexuality, 
but lately it seems to be everywhere.  One thing I noticed is that gay guys 
have an aura around them of perpetual adolescence.  I'm almost tempted to think 
they shave their legs, especially if they're going to be wearing skirts.  I 
know drag is popular among gays.  So are gay men really men or are they wanna 
be women who are in a sense attracted to the opposite sex, which is to say, to 

My outsider's perspective also tells me that getting old for gay men is harder 
than for straight men.  Youth and the body beautiful are highly prized in the 
gay community, echoing the way neurotic straight men dump their mates for 
younger women.  Since we all lose our charms in the end, is the gay lifestyle 
really so gay?  I have also read that domestic violence is a serious problem in 
the gay community, so gayness doesn't necessarily (or perhaps even usually) 
bring bonded bliss.  

Regarding Jullie Krueger's idea that girls like gays on dates because there's 
no pressure to have sex with them, perhaps its the gays who like the girls on 
dates.  Gays, to my knowledge, live for sex, which they have almost 
compulsively with other men.  Does this beg the question that when sex is so 
all pervasive with a compulsive edge to it, is it really fun?  And what is 
someone who routinely reads porn really reading, since porn is basically the 
same thing over and over.  



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