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> A.A.  Homosexuals do have things in common, to wit, they like drag, they
wear skirts with no underwear (based on past Gay Days in Disneyworld), they
are very youth and appearance oriented, they are among the biggest consumers
of sex related drugs such as Viagra, much of it bought on the internet, and
so on.  This is common knowledge.  Now the question becomes, why such an
emphasis on youth and appearance, why the need for skirts when even women
wear pants most of the time, and so on.

How bizarre your concepts are.

A.A.  Beheading the messenger doesn't affect the message.   I have a feeling 
you think being gay is like being straight only having sex with men instead of 
with women.   It's having sex with men, yes, but it's also an entire lifestyle, 
very removed from the straight world, and, like it or not,  it revolves around 
youth and appearance.  Do you think it's a coincidence that Queer Eye for the 
Straight Guy is about improving the *appearance* of straight guys?  Or that 
it's a coincidence that gays are the arbiters of taste and style, i.e., of how 
things look? Also, if there was no emphasis on sex, HIV would not have first 
appeared and spread like wildfire in the gay communities.  HIV reduced gay 
promiscuity from it's extremes in the 1980's, but what a way to reduce it.  I 
think I heard somewhere that HIV may also be on the rise again among gays, but 
I'd have to google that to be sure.  

> A.A.  Or I'd have to know some serial killers or some drug addicts or some
prostitutes.  There are traits groups have in common, including ethnic
groups, such as Italians or Americans, that are very different from other
groups and are easily identified.  While individuals within any group are
different, groups tend to be fairly homogeneous in values and norms.  And,
unless you believe that things happen without cause, can we agree that these
guys self select for a reason, into this general lifestyle called "gay"
which chooses to emphasize a lot of sex and appearance for its mainstays.

How extradinarily bizarre your concepts are

A.A.  These are indeed bizarre concepts, but I am reporting them, not inventing 
them.  This is simply reality.  I'm sure there are homosexuals who don't 
indulge in the gay lifestyle,  the ones who much more closely approximate 
middle America.  But they're also not the ones wearing the skirts and having 
all the "fun".   

> A.A.  Actually, I much prefer the History Channel.  Or CNN (for all its
faults).  Or even Judge Judy to get a really close glimpse of the masses.

Ah!  How understandable you bizarre concepts are.

A.A.  The History Channel is among the best that television has to offer.  
Check it out, especially great shows like Modern Marvels and others.  They're a 
bit heavy on war, which I usually pass on, but since history is a recitation of 
war there's not much they can do about that.  CNN is thoroughly okay.  For in 
depth coverage I much prefer the internet.  I especially like a world 
perspective.  I also like NPR.  Judge Judy I admit to seeing once when I 
uncharacteristically put the television on during the day and flipped through 
the channels.  It was pretty low stuff (they had a baby together and now they 
split up and he won't give her back the furniture yadda yadda).  I turned it 

I apologize if your vision of gayness is less than consistent with what I'm 
reporting, but that's the way it is.


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