[openbeos] Re: resource files, application signatures, and icons

  • From: "shatty" <shatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 00:46:01 -0700

seems like this is what we should do:


If your application needs to have the same signature,
use the one from beos.  (I'm still fuzzy on how one is
supposed to know, aside from "things break without it".)

Tracker: application/x-vnd.Be-TRAK


Otherwise, use:

...at least until we know what to stick in for obos.
In english, use the period to separate the os specifier
from the application name.  Then hypens can be used
unambiguously to separate words in the application name.
Also, use all lowercase to avoid any possible case issues.

Styled Edit: application/x-vnd.obos.styled-edit


Use the appname.rsrc convention for naming your
resource file.  hint: add .rsrc to the "Resource file"
in FileTypes to get these to identify properly in tracker.
(no, it's not there by default, believe it or not.)

Styled Edit: StyledEdit.rsrc


If you are writing a third party app, use:

...but what do you care what we tell you. :)
This seems to be the modern convention as well as having
the benefits outlined above.

Gobe Productive: application/x-vnd.gobe.productive


Also, as Francois brought up, some sort of text based
resource creation files would be really great.  Then
they could be diff'd and versioned as usual.  We could
incorporate the building of the resource into some
standard rules and it would be nicely transparent.  It
would also be really nice if we could weasel in cvs
versions or timestamps into the resources... but maybe
I am asking too much. :-)


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