[cryptome] Re: Is This a Hoax: Backdoor to Wireless Router

  • From: In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 11:56:08 +0300

I support your call for the end of discussion, since I am not willing to
stoop to such low levels - in English or any other language.

Александр wrote, On 05/07/2014 11:46:
>       In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx
>       <mailto:11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx>>
> you are entitled to your own opinion and my wish was not responding to
> nor directed only towards the person you so lovingly call  by his
> diminutive.
> Maybe you can open up a list for such on google+, where you obviously
> feel at home, or are you fearing for your immigration status and
> therefore have to demonstrate something which you might feel is "good
> behaviour pleasing the Anglo-Americans", who are at the core of this mess?
> ... or are you merely phishing for clients
> ___________________________________________
> Pitty, pitty to see everywhere the same thing.
> When some idiot has got nothing to say, he starts saying personal
> insults and unfounded theories... slipping far far away from the
> discussion topic.
> IHW, you are a pathetic, insignificant human being. And i am very
> sorry, that Doug should read all this ugly stuff from you. Also i am
> sorry my English is not my mother tongue and i am limited in how i
> express myself. But even so, you showed up yourself with all this
> dirt, you have just written. For people like you, the concept of
> humanity and honor are incomprehensible. End of discussion!
> Doug - keep writing, keep expressing yourself the way you do. It
> contributes a lot to this list and to its aim. I am sure a lot of
> subscribers supports you, but they simply dont want to be smeared in
> mud, talking with persons like IHW.
> Alexander.
> **

We have nothing to hide, but something to protect: 
- and the people, whose human rights these are.

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