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Hi all,

Original message:
I am a brand new volunteer and I have just reviewed my first book for validation. As I type I am trying to submit it for administrator approval. This is my first time trying to upload any text document at all ever, so I am extremely unsure of myself. I have typed what I think is the file name in the space provided and then clicked the accept button. Apparently nothing is happening. I am using a screen reader and the page tells me that I will not be informed of the progress of this upload until I am taken to another page that will thank me for uploading it. However, I would have expected something to happen rather than the page just remaining as it is without any indication whatsoever that I did everything right or something wrong. As I type I am waiting. Is this normal? Have I done something wrong? If not, how long will I have to wait?

Rogar, hope I got that right, what screen reader are you using, and what path did you tell the web site for your file. It needs to know where the file is in order to upload it. So, you need to type in something like c:\bookshare\filename.rtf Or, you need to use the browse button to browse your computer and find the folder and the file you're trying to upload.

What screen reader are you using? This will make a huge difference in how this particular control appears to you. My advice is to write me or Jackie or Monica for particulars. Oh, what OS are you using, win2000 XP Vista, Apple, Linux?

Ann P.

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