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To enable file extension showing in WinXP:
1. Go to Folder Options. You can do this in two ways. You can either access
it through the Control Panel, or through Windows Explorer.
        a. To access it from the Control Panel, if using Classic view, go to
the Start Menu by hitting either the WINDOWS key or CTRL+ESC, then select
Settings, and finally Control Panel. If not using Classic View, select the
Control Panel directly from the Start Menu. Once in Control Panel, if using
Classic View, you'll land in a list view of options, from which you want to
select the Folder Options item by pressing F until you hear it, then press
ENTER to open it. If using Category View, click on the link called
Performance and Maintenance, then click on the File Types button, and you'll
get in to Folder Options.
        b. To access it from Windows Explorer, press WindowsKey+E to quickly
open Windows Explorer. Press ALT+T, O to quickly get to Folder Options.
2. Once in Folder Options, you land on the General tab of this multi-page
dialog box. Press CTRL+TAB once to reach the View tab.
3. You'll land on the Reset All Files and Folders button. TAB once to a tree
view of options.
4. Once in this tree view, press H twice to reach the "Hide Extensions for
Known File Types" option.
5. By default, it's set to Off. Hit SPACE to turn it On.
6. OK out of the dialog (i.e., TAB to and activate the OK button with the
SPACEBAR) to save the change and exit Folder Options, then close Control
Panel or Windows Explorer with ALT+F4.
7. Now, when browsing through files, you'll see their extensions (i.e.,
you'd see the file you were discussing on this thread as
"Black_and_White_F1.rtf" rather than just "Black_and_White_F1". If you have
multiple copies of the file on your computer with different extensions,
you'll now be able to tell the difference between them (i.e., one will have,
say, a ZIP extension, one an RTF, and so on).

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Hi all,

As I read this thread, I see what the problem is.  Roger's trying to 
upload the zip file and because he hasn't got the file extensions 
enabled, he can't tell the difference.  That's why he keeps trying to 
upload a file called Black_and_White-f1.  I'd like to shoot Bill Gates, 
but that wouldn't help!  Roger, if I don't see anything else in the 
following thread to indicate who's helping and what's happened, I'll 
help you today.  Just write me privately at akp@xxxxxxxxxxxx, and I'll 
give you my hone number.

Ann P.

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