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Congratulations Roger! I admire your perseverance. I well remember how daunting 
this task was when I first started out; in fact, every time I know my book has 
been accepted, I still breathe a sigh of relief. Jill  
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  Woohoo! I examined your instructions meticulously  and tried to apply them to 
the letter. My system seems to be slightly different so It was not possible to 
adhere to the exact letter, but it was sufficient. First I tried typing a dot 
and rtf on the end of the path I told you about in the last message and it did 
not work, but after following your directions it appears that the same thing 
came up. I don't know why typing rtf did not work and properly using the browse 
feature to enter the same letters did work, but it worked! I have now validated 
my first book and uploaded it for administrator approval. That was so much fun 
that if it were not so late and if I were not so tired I would start another 
one right now. In a message dated 7/18/2008 8:56:13 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 
rwiley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    Hi Roger and welcome to the list.
    Okay, please give us more information when you tell us about a problem. You 
said you were using jaws, which version? It could make a difference. It might 
help if we knew what operating system you are using, windows/xp, vista, 95, 

    The field you are trying to fill in probably causes more problems for more 

    But, once you get used to it, you will breeze through this part of the 
upload process.

    Before you can tell bookshare to accept a book you need to tell it where 
the book is on your system. In the description which follows, I may not have 
all the fields and buttons named correctly. I am going from memory, and memory 
is not my best asset. 

    We'll use as an example a book  I uploaded yesterday. The book is titled 
"magic for beginners". But, I wound up with several versions of this book on my 
computer, so I had to tell the bookshare computer exactly which one I wanted to 

    It turns out that the book I wanted to upload is called "C:\Documents and 
Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Kurzweil Educational Systems\in 

    If I tried to type that I'd never get a good upload. I'm not that good a 

    Before the "accept" button, there are two fields. The first is an edit 
field where the brave at heart can type the complete path to where their book 
is. If you do type the name in this field then skip the next field which is a 
"browse" button. 

    However, most of us, I suspect, prefer to let our computers tell 
bookshare's computer where the book is, so we hit the browse button. This opens 
up another window which is the same kind of dialog you use when you open a file.
    It has a file-name, a file-type, an open button, a cancel button, and, 
finally, the fields that let you find the folder containing the book.

    In the first "look in" field, I would first search for the c drive.  When 
this is highlighted, I would tab to the next field (I forget what it is exactly 
called), but it's another "look in" field. Depending on which operating system 
you use, you may have two buttons between these fields. If so, just ignore them.
    In the second field your up and down arros will tell you which folders you 
are looking at. In my case, I want to go to the "documents and settings" and 
hit enter. This will bring up a list of all the files in "documents and 
settings". I am looking for the "administrator" folder. I find it and hit enter 
on it. Then I'm looking for the "my documents" folder, and so on and so on, 
until I go to the last folder needed, which is the "in progress" folder. I hit 
enter on that name, and arrow down to the "BSO_Magic_for_Beginners_f1.rtf" 
file. If I tab once it should take me to the file-name field which is filled in 
with the "BSO_Magic_for_Beginners_f1.rtf".

    So, I tab over to the open button and hit enter. This makes the screen go 
away and takes you back to where you were originally. However, that edit field 
where only the true-in-spirit dare type a file-name is now filled in with your 
file name, complete with all the preceeding folders etc.

    So, skip down to the "accept" button and hit enter.

    Give the two computers about five minutes to converse. As the manual says 
you should get a thank you screen. Check out the various fields and make sure 
the correct fields and checkboxes are correct.

    Then hit the "accept" button once more and your book will be set for 
administrator approval.

    Sorry about the long description, but I simply tried to tell you what I 
would have wanted to know when I started out.

    If you have further questions, let us know.

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      I am also using JAWS. I did not know about insert escape in a situation 
like that, Anyway I have now just started over. Let me describe exactly what I 
typed into the file field. The title of the book is Black and White. I think 
that what I am supposed to type in is Black_And_White_f1. Does that look like 
it is correct? In a message dated 7/18/2008 7:47:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 
agape.wellness.massage@xxxxxxxxx writes:
        What screen reader are you using.

        I use jaws so will press insert  escape  and then see if the page is 
silent....if it is I wait and give it time to upload.
        Then the second screen appears asking about the quality of the book and 
has the category check boxes.
        and other info.

        Then you press accept again at the bottom of that page and wait to get 
the thank you page.

        Laura Ann

        At 09:39 PM 7/18/2008, you wrote:

          As far as I know I did everything you said up until choosing accept. 
When I did that I did not go to another screen. I just sat there. In a message 
dated 7/18/2008 7:28:24 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 
agape.wellness.massage@xxxxxxxxx writes:


            You first go to step 2look for the book and

            choose  upload

            then you verify that the title, author, copyright holder, copyright 

            date are all correct.

            press the browse button and select the file to upload.

            Then choose accept

            then you come to the next screen which is rating the book.

            It shows you what quality the book is and you agree or disagree.

            double check the categories checked or check categories your book 

            falls under....one I just did fell under


            Religion and spirituality


            Mystery and Thrillers

            Then add the ISBN or check it for accuracy

            make any comments and click


            you then get a screen thanking you for validating the book.

            I hope this helps.

            Welcome we are so glad your here volunteering.

            Please ask any questions you have.

            This is a helpful group.

            Laura Ann

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