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Welcome, Roger!
So great to have you volunteering with us.

I'm not a technical expert so here is the only advice I can think of.
Have you tried hitting the Browse button and locating the file to upload that way? That's how I usually do it because I'm worried I'll forget a : or an _ or something and that the file won't be able to be uploaded because of it.
Good luck.

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I am a brand new volunteer and I have just reviewed my first book for
validation. As I type I am trying to submit it for administrator approval. This is
my first time trying to upload any text document at all ever, so I am
extremely unsure of myself. I have typed what I think is the file name in the space
provided and then clicked the accept button. Apparently nothing is
happening. I am using a screen reader and the page tells me that I will not be informed of the progress of this upload until I am taken to another page that will thank me for uploading it. However, I would have expected something to happen
rather than the page just remaining as it is without any indication
whatsoever that I did everything right or something wrong. As I type I am waiting. Is
this normal? Have I done something wrong? If not, how long will I  have to

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