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Cliff Benham wrote:

> The complaints I have made so far will be nothing compared to
> what the FCC and the broadcasters will get when the world
> discovers the sham that is ATSC. Mark well my words. I'll be
> there to remind you.

Bert wrote:
Compared to what?

Compared to anyone else here in the US who will *have* to use ATSC
to receive free OTA TV.

In a recent post to the list I read that ATSC will provide coverage for 90%
of the viewers, just as analog NTSC does. But the telling statement
that followed this claim was that it would not be the same 90%.

That says it all.

ATSC is unreliable. Sometimes it works, like when the sky is clear and
the sun is shining, but not when the weather is bad, which
is when good reception might be needed to get an emergency warning.

It's like the old joke about what driving would be like if Microslop built

"Sometimes, without warning, while driving your car it would just stop. You
have to shut it down completely
and restart it to be able to drive on, and somehow you would accept this as

You must think that missing parts of the ATSC broadcast is OK, that pictures
and sound stuttering are things we will all learn to accept as normal

Horse Pucky.

ATSC is a failed technology that does not and cannot reliably replace analog
NTSC broadcasting.

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