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That's why I coined the phrase:  ATSC - Anything That Satisfies Congress

   Ed Grogan

Dale Kelly wrote:

Bob wrote:
A lot of members of the NAB would have been for a switch if it had not
been for their abject fear of Congress. ABC, NBC, Pappas, Sinclair and
others would all have voted for COFDM if Dingell and others were not
threatening them with loss of spectrum and licenses saying that the
bid for COFDM was a delaying tactic. In fact I think Sinclair, Pappas
did vote for COFDM. If ABC and NBC had not caved we would not have the
transition problems we have today. It would have been over in 2006.

That's pretty much the way it happened. NAB and MSTV, fearing the threatened
political backlash, backed the CBS position. politically, they are
broadcasting and it was all over at that point.


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