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  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 12:31:36 -0500


Among other things, like a countdown clock, the site says:

However, TV sets that rely on "over the air" broadcasting with an
antenna (set-top or rooftop) to receive a signal will be affected by the
cutoff of analog broadcasts in 2009. You will need to consider one of
the following options:

Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box that plugs into an existing
television. The boxes, which are expected to cost between $50 - 70 will
be available for purchase in 2008. Beginning on January 1, 2008, U.S.
households can request up to two coupons valued at $40 each. Each coupon
can go toward the purchase of a single set-top converter box that will
allow you to continue watching FREE "over-the-air" television on an
analog set.

Subscribe to a cable, satellite or telecommunications service provider
if all desired local broadcast stations are carried by that service.

Purchase a new television set with a built in digital tuner.

Any of these steps will ensure that "over-the-air" television consumers
will continue to receive programming.

So they are still counting on these cheap STBs becoming available. I'm
not sure who is in charge of them anymore. The NTIA doesn't talk about
anything but the coupon program, and the NAB seems to have dropped the
ball. Let's see if market forces are going to be allowed to work.

1. Circuit City's web site seems to have dropped that STB category

2. Best Buy says you have to go to the store to see if they are in
stock. No web orders.

3. Amazon.com says the Samsung and the Digital Stream boxes are sold out
temporarily. "Get in line," they say.

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