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Have you ever heard of anybody paying to announce items (before a crisis)
that compete with new devices but at 1/4 the price?  

Somehow, you seem to have serious structural issues with understanding basic
economic concepts.

Today's $300 STBs will, after a bit more learning curve, and maybe removing
a few components, $100 STBs.

Consumer electronic items have 6 month product cycles nowadays.  The chip
announcements at CEA this year will directly result in cheaper boxes.  You
see, first you have widely available chips, then you have a product ...

John Willkie

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> Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
>  > Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box that plugs into an existing
>  > television. The boxes, which are expected to cost between $50 - 70 will
>  > be available for purchase in 2008.
> 2008 is only 10 months away.  Has anyone at all announced any intentions
> to make $50 - 70 digital-to-analog converter boxes yet that would
> qualify for the rebate?  Is there any sign at all that any specific
> company might really do that?
> - Tom

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