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> By the way, just as a point of comparison, I read an
> article in EE Times not long ago that said that to cover
> the area o[f] NYC completely, with Wi-Fi signals, would take
> "tens of thousands" of access points. And similarly,
> Verizon uses "about 1000" cell towers to cover NYC.
> So this is the tradeoff to consider.


That is about the worst analogy you can come up with.  NYC is covered by 
that many cells for frequency reuse and two-way capacity, not because that's 
how many it takes to cover the city with a receive only SFN.  You also have 
to consider the furthest that a handset or Wi-Fi laptop can transmit when 
choosing the maximum cell size.

I believe Craig has mentioned 6 or 8 medium power transmitters ringing 
Manhattan would do the trick, with a properly designed DTV SFN.


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