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> 2. I might agree on the characterization of the US DTV
> transition, and have even said as much on more than one
> occasion. But how would shifting to COFDM change that?

Because if we switched to COFDM, there would be a mountain of WORKING 
receivers available overnight.  Not just a single mysterious prototype that 
work well for LG, but others have difficulty in reproducing.  This infamous 
LG receiver reminds me of the Fleishman-Ponds work in cold fusion.  Works 
for them, but nobody else.

Let me ask you this, Bert.  If a good friend of yours came to you asking 
your advice on what to purchase for an ATSC receiver today, what would you 
tell him?  Buy or wait a few months?  What advice would you have given him 
in 1999?  2000?  There's your US digital transition for you.  Wait until 
something that works comes along, because we have been promised it's just 
around the corner.  Meanwhile cable and satellite have had time to catch up 
to the ability of OTA to deliver HD, so now there is nothing compelling 
about OTA content anymore.  Therefore if OTA is to survive it needs to be 
able to offer something unique that cable and DBS cannot.  That is wireless 
portability.  And that ain't and never will be ATSC.

We were promised in 1999, that the big breakthrough was already made in the 
labs, and that working receivers would be in the market in 18 months.  Well, 
it's 67 months later and we're still waiting.

Nxtwave said in August of 1999:

"With the NXT2000 we've cracked the code for indoor and mobile reception, 
shown that VSB is a robust and commercially viable standard, and paved the 
way for mass market deployment of error-free digital TV," said Matt Miller, 
president and CEO of NxtWave Communications Inc."

Motorola said in August of 1999:

""The industry's efforts towards ATSC can now become a reality," said
Wil Salhuana, Vice President and General Manager, Entertainment
Solutions Division, Motorola. "The MCT2100 demonstrates Motorola's
ability to engineer original, forefront technology solutions, which
in this case, will have a significant impact on the quality of
digital television technology.""

Vive La Cold Fusion ATSC receiver.

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