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A few in line comments.

Quoting Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Doug's inquiries about antennas is a prime example of this. For some 
> reason he thinks that the ability to receive signals from distant 
> markets is important to television viewers. It is NOT.

B--- S---! Local network IS the choice of most viewers!!!

> IF broadcasters ever decide they need to compete with the program 
> distributors who are carrying their water today, then, AND ONLY THEN, 
> will technology become an issue. At that point the following issues 
> will become important:

We have!

> 1. Can the system support mobile and portable reception? This is the 
> ONLY major competitive advantage for broadcasters.

Not really sure this is a fact...I will grant you that it is one view.
> 2. Is the system easy to install with a simple omnidirectional 
> antenna that can be located either inside the home, or outside (i.e. 
> gutter mount). This configuration MUST be able to receive all local 
> channels (distant channels are not relevant if local transmission 
> facilities work properly); no rotors, electronically steerable 
> antennas or antenna arrays allowed.

On the way...

> 3. Is there a well defined "platform" with all of the services that 
> consumers expect today from the other multi-channel services.
>       a. A well designed, integrated program guide;
>       b. Local caching to support PVR functions and (premium) 
> cached VOD services;
>       c. Back channel capabilities to support interactive and data 
> broadcast services,
>       and transactional services;
>       d. Competition among vendors to drive innovation and lower 
> costs to consumers.

On the way...

> 4. Can the system compete with cable and DBS in terms of delivering 
> targeted advertising based on viewer preferences, location, or 
> demographic factors?

On the way...

> When viewed from this perspective, it is clear that ATSC is simply a 
> place holder, which will need to be replaced in order for 
> broadcasters to field a competitive service.

ATSC is a standard. Nothing more, nothing less...

> Regards
> Craig


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