[opendtv] Frames Per Second of 720P

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 22:02:27 -0700

I just attended a demonstration of a Sony MVS8000 production switcher.  The switcher can output 720 at 59.94 P and 1080 at 29.97 I. 
As I we discussed frame stores, I asked if it took 60 frames to store a one second motion clip (120 with a key) and they said no, only 30.  They (multiple Sony reps) were telling me all video is 30 frames per second, no matter what the format. 
So I am confused.  I thought 720 at 59.94P meant (nearly) 60 unique and complete 1280 by 720 pixel pictures in one second.  Or does two complete, progressive video pictures represent one frame in this format?  If so, is one 1280x720 progressive picture really a "field", requiring two to be a frame?
Perhaps I misunderstood them (or we were misunderstanding each other) so I would like to see you guys would be willing to set it straight for me.  Any of you using the MVS8000?
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...The field frame analogy is a bit misleading. Let's assume you are
going to acquire video using 720@xxxxxxx That's all you need to worry
about as long as this is your mastering format. IF you need to
convert to 1080@xxxxxx, the conversion device (or software) will take
a 1280 x 720 FRAME and create a 1920 x 540 field using simple scaling
techniques. Going the other way is more problematic as you must
de-interlace to create the progressive frame...


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