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MPG is not factored into European Emissions Testing either.

If you follow the two links I provided below, all will be explained. When comparing the allowable emissions in the tables for Europe and the US, don't forget to factor in that the US tables are allowable grams per mile, whereas the European tables are allowable grams per kilometer.

There are different regulations for passenger vehicles and large trucks, as they fall into different vehicle categories and are allowed different emissions.

Here is a brief quote for the European Standard from the link below. Notice that when you go to the link and view the emissions table, there is no 'correction factor' for MPG. Only an absolute maximum allowable emission per vehicle.

"Emission Testing.

"Emissions are tested over the NEDC (ECE 15 + EUDC) chassis dynamometer procedure. Effective year 2000 (Euro 3), that test procedure was modified to eliminate the 40 s engine warm-up period before the beginning of emission sampling. This modified cold start test is referred to as the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) or as the MVEG-B test. All emissions are expressed in g/km.

"The draft Euro 5/6 implementing legislation adopts a new PM mass emission measurement method (similar to the US 2007 procedure) developed by the UN/ECE Particulate Measurement Programme (PMP) and adjusts the PM mass emission limit to account for differences in results using the old and the new method. The legislation also introduces a particle number emission limit at the Euro 5/6 stage (PMP method), in addition to the mass-based limits. At the time of adoption of the Euro 5/6 regulation, its mass-based PM emission limits could only be met by closed particulate filters. Number-based PM limits would prevent the possibility that in the future open filters are developed that meet the PM mass limit but enable a high number of ultra fine particles to pass.

"Emission Standards

"Emission standards for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (vehicle categories M1 and N1, respectively) are summarized in the following tables. Since the Euro 2 stage, EU regulations introduce different emission limits for diesel and gasoline vehicles. Diesels have more stringent CO standards but are allowed higher NOx. Gasoline vehicles are exempted from PM standards through the Euro 4 stage. Euro 5/6 regulations introduce PM mass emission standards, numerically equal to those for diesels, for gasoline cars with DI engines."

US Diesel Emission Standards: http://www.dieselnet.com/standards/us/ld_t2.php
European Emission Standards:  http://www.dieselnet.com/standards/eu/ld.php

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AH, no, they are not.
The vehicle's MPG is not in the equation in US emissions testing. Otherwise large things would not pass. There may be some differences between state emissions testing and federal regs.

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