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From Wikipedia, but mostly accurate. GM was convicted on antitrust for forcing National City Lines (the evil GM bus company) to buy only GM busses. There was no convictions on conspiring to purchase and put out of business trolley lines.


Government attorney Bradford Snell has written that in 1949 GM and its partners in NCL were convicted in U.S. District Court in Chicago of criminal conspiracy in this matter and fined $5,000 each for anti-trust violations (contracts in restraint of trade, i.e. forcing subsidiaries to buy products from their owners: GM buses, Firestone tires, Standard and Phillips oil).

The claim above is often repeated and is based on testimony by Snell to a United States Senate inquiry in 1974.

The case ultimately reached the United States Supreme Court in United States v. National City Lines Inc. 334 U.S. 573, 596 (1948) ("National City I")[1] which reversed lower court rulings on the case.

The proceedings were against General Motors and its subsidiary National City Lines, along with seven other corporations. They were indicted on two counts under the US Sherman Antitrust Act. The charges, in summary, were:

Conspiring to acquire control of a number of transit companies, forming a transportation monopoly;
All defendants were acquitted on this charge.

Conspiring to monopolize sales of buses and supplies to companies owned by National City Lines.
General Motors alone was convicted on this charge.

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John -

Which case are you referring to?

- Tom

John Willkie wrote:
Ah, yes. The "famous" case in LA. After 13 years of litigation the "trolley" interests (long bought out by GM) "won."

The award should have been a message. 13 years of litigation. You "won." And, the judge awarded you $1.

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