[opendtv] Re: EPA tightens up power specs for PCs

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Without rubber burnouts would never be the same :) And those 19x9.5 rear
wheels work great for traction control when launching at 3500rpm :)


> and, to take the "social control of mobility" a few steps further,
mag-lev, would take millions of people to where only thousands want to
travel, and avoid all the friction/wastage issues with "flanged wheels."
> I first heard this argument 24 years ago.  Mag lev -- at least for
urban/interurban transport which is what most transport is -- is still
too expensive to even contemplate.  And, all the long distance systems
are subsidized by states.
> John Willkie
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> >Or, all you electric, hybrid and other alternative power car fanatics 
> >could reduce the coefficient of friction to 1% of  what rubber has for 
> >the road by taking the train.
> >Steel against steel is far more efficient than rubber against asphalt.
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