[opendtv] Re: EPA tightens up power specs for PCs

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:16:22 -0400

Or, all you electric, hybrid and other alternative power car fanatics could reduce the coefficient of friction to 1% of what rubber has for the road by taking the train.
Steel against steel is far more efficient than rubber against asphalt.

John Shutt wrote:


After you paid for the 6,800 Li-Ion battery cells to put in your $35,000 Elise, you're back up to the $100k range again. In fact (as if you didn't know) the Tesla rolling chassis is built by Lotus. Imagine that?


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What they fail to mention is that the Tesla can't possibly take
advantage of all that torque at the crank without spinning the wheels -
heck it has 7.5" wheel width in the rear!

A $35k Lotus Elise with a few modifications (maybe none) would probably
beat it. Just think of what you could save :)


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