[lit-ideas] Re: Aren't you glad you no longer have a Hitler problem?

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Read Sayyid Qutb. He has written voluminously. Qutb came to the US and studied at a college in Colorado where he developed a negative opinion of Americans. They are a decadent people.<<

Well, yes, according to his strictures we are. Does that surprise you? So too are we according to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and most the far right Christians.

But his opinion isn't what modern Leftists would have us believe today. 9/11 wasn't a response to anything the US did. It was a response to what the US is - a nation of infidels. All infidels must convert or be destroyed.<<

Sayyid Qutb might believe that, but Islam doesn't. Over the centuries Islam has been far more tolerant of other beliefs than Christianity which has slaughtered and assaulted both Jews and Muslims for over a thousand years.

There is no other way as far as militant Islam is concerned.<<

Bullshit. Until Western nations started colonizing the Middle East there was no problem. STOP THE COLONIZATION OF THE MIDDLE EAST!!! GET IT????

As far as some of us in the US are concerned, however, there is another way. I know you won't approve, but it's called FIGHTING BACK.<<

Fighting back? Fighting whom? People who had nothing to do with the assault on America? That's who we're fighting. Innocent people. This war is a gross injustice. A travesty. A crime against humanity.

It's tough to do with so many in America routing for America's enemies <<

The people of Iraq are NOT our enemy. Get that through your thick head. The people of Iraq are NOT our enemy. Al Qaeda is. We gave up that fight 3 years ago to invade Iraq in pursuit of cheap oil. Can't you see that? Iraq has nothing to do with your would-be enemy Sayyid Qutb. Admit it, Lawrence, the Bushies got it all wrong. Admit that 2500 American soldiers have died for a neo-con fantasy, that tens of thousands of Iraqis have died in the name of General Motors. It's all wrong, Lawrence. There's no moral justification for our killing Iraqis. It's murder. It's evil. Amen.

Mike Geary

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