[lit-ideas] Re: Aren't you glad you no longer have a Hitler problem?

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What you have provided in your note, Ursula is the Islamist party line.  It
is also the Leftist party line.  America deserved to be attacked on 9/11.
Oh, you softened it by saying our actions had consequences but it amounts to
the same thing.  Actually, this is utterly false.  A great literature exists
describing the creation of Islamism.  We know how it originated and we know
what it teaches.  The motivation for the attack against the U.S. on 9/11
does not lie in what the U.S. did.  It lies in what Islamism is.  It is a
politico/religious ideology.  It argues that Allah has promised that Islam
will spread throughout the world.  Sayyid Qutb as the most articulate
spokesman argued that the Jihad should be used to advance the true belief
within Islamic countries and within the countries of the infidel.  


Leftists have provided an overlay of this and argued, well, yes, they say it
is religious but that is just their way of expressing their Marxist
revolutionary spirit.  But that is nonsense.  Nothing in their writings or
in their actions implies that they are motivated by Marxist ideology.  Their
motivation is religious.  It is a Fundamentalist form of Islam that
emphasizes a militant advance of their beliefs.  


Al Quaeda was formed at the end of the war in Afghanistan, after the defeat
of the USSR.  They believe this great victory indicated Allah's approval.
And if they could defeat the USSR, the US should be even simpler because the
US was afraid to fight.  Osama described in some speeches how the U.S. ran
away on several occasions whereas he and his followers embrace death.  They
are not afraid to die and so the US cannot stand against them.  This is
straight Sayyid Qutb ideology taught to Osama by Sayyid's brother, Mohhamad.
Also, this ideology is widely believed throughout the Middle East.  It isn't
embraced by just a few "gangs" as Mike argues.  It is a widespread belief
and it favors the Jihad and terrorist attacks as a way to further the
Islamic cause.  


Read Sayyid Qutb.  He has written voluminously.  Qutb came to the US and
studied at a college in Colorado where he developed a negative opinion of
Americans.  They are a decadent people.  But his opinion isn't what modern
Leftists would have us believe today.  9/11 wasn't a response to anything
the US did.  It was a response to what the US is - a nation of infidels.
All infidels must convert or be destroyed.  There is no other way as far as
militant Islam is concerned.  As far as some of us in the US are concerned,
however, there is another way.  I know you won't approve, but it's called
FIGHTING BACK.  It's tough to do with so many in America routing for
America's enemies, but some are trying to do it anyway.




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If you stand on principle, Lawrence, you can't dictate who can stand 

there with you. Maybe the "Leftists" see some truth you refuse to see. 

Maybe the Islamists see some truth you refuse to see. Maybe some of it 

is the same truth that you refuse to see. It's a cheap trick to suggest 

that if someone criticizes American actions, they must be supporters of 

America's 'enemies."


The second paragraph below is even less worth responding to. Believing 

that the attack on 9/11 'followed' from American actions in the Middle 

East is NOT the same as believing that the 3000 Americans who died 

'deserved' to die. Do you really think that these radical Islamists just 

constituted themselves as enemies of the U.S. out of nothing? Actions 

have consequences. U.S. actions over the last fifty years have borne 

this ugly fruit.


Your last sentence is utter nonsense.



North Bay



Lawrence Helm wrote:


> //There has been so much written on this, I must believe it is common 

> knowledge. Leftist writers and Islamists use the same anti-American 

> arguments. They borrow from each other. They support each other's causes.




> But the Leftists I'm describing believe America should be defeated by 

> the Islamists. It believes that it deserved to have its world trade 

> center destroyed on 9/11. Such Leftists have declared common cause 

> with the Radical Islamists.


> Lawrence



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