[lit-ideas] Hitler, Bolshevism and the Jews

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Someone suggested something along the lines that Bolshevism was advanced by
Hitler as a threat against Germany in the same manner that Islamism is
advanced as a threat against the US.  The Reichstadt fire was mentioned to
perhaps suggest that both threats were bogus.  This was in response to my
saying that Hitler did not refer to any internal threat other than that
represented by the Jews, and as to external nations, it wasn't a matter of
being threatened but of threatening them, being ready to move out and obtain


But Bolshevism was an element in Hitler's thinking. In 1936 "on 9 September,
he announced that the 'greatest world danger' of which he warned for so long
- the 'revolutionizing of the continent' through the work of 'Bolshevik
wire-pullers' run by 'an international Jewish revolutionary headquarters in
Moscow' - was becoming a reality."  


In Hitler's thinking the Communist threat was but a device of the Jews.  It
wasn't a separate threat.  Kershaw on page 19 writes of a Memorandum written
by Hitler in which he writes that the "world was moving towards a new
conflict, centered upon Bolshevism, 'whose essence and aim . . . is solely
the elimination of those strata of mankind which have hitherto provided the
leadership and their replacement by world-wide Jewry'.  Germany would be the
focus of the inevitable showdown with Bolshevism.  'It is not the aim of
this memorandum to prophesy the time when the untenable situation in Europe
will become an open crisis.  I only want, in these lines, to set down my
conviction that this crisis cannot and will not fail to arrive,' he


Bolshevism, he believed, was a tool of the Jews and needed to be destroyed
as they needed to be destroyed.



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