[lit-ideas] Re: Aren't you delighted you no longer have a Hitler problem?

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Have been looking for more information for Daddy ... have not found anything at 
this time.
But, was curious about this...How common is the spelling of Polowy?  Was it 
ever Poloway?  Here is this note I found which spurred that question:
I am researching any information on my Great-Grandfather, Bruno POLOWAY. I 
believe the German spelling of this name is POLOWY. He was born in Posen, 
Germany around 1880-1898. He emigrated to the United States and eventually came 
to live at Chicago, Illinois. He moved again and settled at Cicero, Illinois. I 
also believe his middle name was Edward. I am anxious to learn of any 
information regarding his family name. Are there any Polowy's left in Posen? 
Any history on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Webmaster's Note: It ius highly unlikely ethnic Germans at livong in Posen, 
Poland today. However the is a fair chance that you might find some Polowy 
descendants living in united Germany today - contact the IGS (Immigrant 
Genealogy Society) of Burbank, California (see their Homepage) for a search of 
the German Telephone Book on CD-ROM.
anyway, thought it was interesting!
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