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"Arrant nonsense and you know it"?????  Hast though given up on Taylor?
Taylor makes this arrant-nonsense-point.  I'm using Taylor's argument,
conducted over several of the chapters you apparently haven't gotten to yet
to illustrate the ponderous movement of general opinion.  No Wikipedia
Taylor, to be sure, but he makes some nice points.  




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>>So today it is easier to be an atheist than a Christian in Europe, and it 

>>is getting that way in the U.S. as well.<<



A picayunish point, but that's arrant nonsense and you know it.  According 

to an article in Wikipedia:


" A 2004 survey by the BBC in 10 countries showed the proportion of the 

population "who don't believe in God" varying between 0% and 44%, with an 

average close to 17% in the countries surveyed. About 8% of the respondents 

stated specifically that they consider themselves to be atheists.[18] A 2004

survey by the CIA in the World Factbook estimates about 12.5% of the world's

population are non-religious, and about 2.4% are atheists.[19] A 2004 survey

by the Pew Research Center showed that in the United States, 12% of people 

under 30 and 6% of people over 30 could be characterized as 

non-religious.[20] A 2005 poll by AP/Ipsos surveyed ten countries. Of the 

developed nations, people in the United States had most certainty about the 

existence of god or a higher power (2% atheist, 4% agnostic), while France 

had the most skeptics (19% atheist, 16% agnostic). On the religion question,

South Korea had the greatest percentage without a religion (41%) while Italy

had the smallest (5%).[21]

"Some studies have suggested that atheism is particularly prevalent among 

scientists, a tendency already quite marked at the beginning of the 20th 

century, developing into a dominant one during the course of the century. In

1914, James H. Leuba found that 58% of 1,000 randomly selected U.S. natural 

scientists expressed "disbelief or doubt in the existence of God". The same 

study, repeated in 1996, gave a similar percentage of 60.7%; this number is 

93% among the members of the National Academy of Sciences. Expressions of 

positive disbelief rose from 52% to 72%.[22] However, studies following 

Leuba's methods and questions only demonstrate disbelief in a specific type 

of God - a personal God which interacts directly with human beings. 

Restriction to this version of "God" makes the study unlikely to give a true

sense of the percentage of atheists, and instead gives only a percentage of 

those rejecting this particular type of deity. Based on the questions in the

study, many deists would have been classified as atheists." 




Apparently Christianity isn't under attack except perhaps by intelligence. 

It is getting a little bit easier to own up to being a non-believer, I'll 

grant you -- in certain areas at least.




>>Bush's numbers are down, but what will the Democrats have to offer as an 



Nothing.  Except for a very precious few they're all empty suits.




>>Insofar as the War Against Terror is concerned, can any Democrat say 

>>anything else and expect to be elected?  And if he says nothing else, why 

>>should the American voters think a Democrat would be a better warrior 

>>against Terror than a Republican?<<


Yes, the Democrats can tell the American people that the "War of Terrorism" 

is an necessary police action against Al Qaeda, an organization that brought

death and injure upon us and from all apparent evidence intends to visit 

more of the same.  They can tell the American people how the Republicans, in

their ideological zeal to establish hegemonic colonies in the Middle East, 

fucked up the "war" against Al Qaeda so royally that they have in fact 

vastly increased their number and support for their goals, that the 

Republicans have turned America into a reviled country across the world by 

our Guantanamo gulag, by our embracing of torture and the disappearing of 

people into secret prisons around the world.  They can tell the American 

voters how many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed in our

attempt to establish Iraq as our home base in the Middle East.  They can 

tell them about the crime this country has committed by destroying that 

society, that culture, that country all in name of cheap oil.  They can tell

the American voters that the Bush Administration abandoned the war on terror

in March 2003 when it invaded Iraq to establish it as our colony only to 

spur North Korea and Iran into nuclear ambitions.  They can remind the 

American voters that all this was done through lies, lies, lies told to them

by the top leadership of the Bush Administration.   They can tell the 

American people that they (the Democrats) who voted to authorize Bush to use

military force deserve one last chance to make right their terrible wrong. 

They can beg forgiveness of the voters for their political and moral 

cowardice and plead for this one last chance to make it right, agreeing that

if they don't make it right, they should all be shipped to the Hague and 

hung for crimes against humanity.   They can tell the American voter that 

this is not a war against Islamism.  It's a police action against terrorist 

gangs.  They can tell the American voters that this country's ever 

increasing descent into theocratic fascism and totalitarianism and secret 

police statism will be stopped dead in its tracks.  They can tell the 

American voters that if they want to be safe, they'll have to pay the 

cost -- not of war, but of justice.  We must begin withdrawing our troops 

and set in place a Marshall Plan to rebuild that country -- the cradle of 

civilization, the HOME of us all,  the home we destroyed in the name of 

cheap oil.  Globalism must cut both ways, it must make everyone's life 

richer, not just ours.  The Democrats must tell the American voters that we 

have no lock on the truth, that in fact we're a spiritually deprived 

culture, that we have as much to learn spiritually from Islam as they have 

materially from us.  Honesty -- wow!  Wouldn't that be a novel approach to 



Mike Geary


Church of the Damned

Memphis, Tennessee

Just another hole in the Bible Belt.










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