[lit-ideas] Re: Aren't you glad you no longer have a Hitler problem?

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Perhaps I was hasty in assuming the worst.  I have history books as well as
Charles Taylor on my desk in front of me and have noticed how difficult it
is to break loose from the Climate of Opinion that is prevalent in one's
country at the time one lives.  The current Leftist climate of opinion
comprises, in effect, a pro-Islamist or pro-Islamic-Fascist stance.  Instead
of opposing the Islamic-Fascists, they oppose the U.S.  Notice all the
responses I've received since broaching these subjects.  Leftists seek out
new opportunities to attack the U.S. while the Islamic Fascists remain
unopposed by them.  And they see nothing strange in that.  I find that


I thought it interesting to hypothesize the taking of Leftist Americans,
functioning under their current pro-Fascist anti-American climate of opinion
and transporting them back to America of the 1930s.   With such a climate of
opinion, could they do anything but oppose our going to war against Hitler?
The prevalent climate of opinion of the 30s wasn't quite theirs.  It was one
of leaving the Europeans to stew in their own juice.  While the majority was
opposed to going to war, it wasn't anti-American.




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Yes, smear the observation with "silly smear."  Don't admit that the
opposing of the war against Militant Islam is very like opposing the war
against Fascism in the 30s.  Much better to smear things around a bit.  I
quite understand.




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> And I notice no Lit-Idea protests, at least not so

> far: no one else saying,

> "I would have been in the minority back then.  I

> would have seen the danger

> of Hitler and fascism and opposed them."   


And I hope no-one will dignify your silly smear by

saying it.




Judy Evans, Cardiff





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