[openbeos] Re: Visual design stuff again

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 01:42:48 -0500 (CDT)

> Although non-technical, this is an issue that affects all of OBOS. As
> long as people have opinions and make comments, I will keep discussing
> the issue here. Also, this list contains many more "outsiders" - those
> are the opinions that really matter for this particular issue, IMHO.

I am one of those outsiders, who has not spoken up before.  I must stress
how correct I think Simon and others are.  Look and feel drives me more
than any feature.  Like others have already stressed, I too look first at
the screenshots to determine whether I will bother with it.  If look
wasn't that important, site like themes.org or kde-look.org wouldn't be as
popular as they are.

Aside from the icons, Be's look has gone stale.  It no longer excites me. 
I was following the SkyOS GUI design contest, and I must say that many of
those designs were quite good.  People live for this stuff.  When I work
on my computer I want it to look good, and be functional.  As a Linux
user, I can't always seem to achieve both of those at the same time.  I
think OBOS has that possibility, if steps are taken.

I'll run OBOS no matter what it looks like, because I want it to strive,
but if I show current users of other OSs my Be desktop now, it isn't going
to "wow" them.  And that is one of the things it needs to do if it is
going to attract new users.

I'm no coder, but if Simon thinks it would be simple to make a few strides
in a new look, just to soften things up, or make them a litle brighter,
I'd be all for someone looking into it.

Just my .02,


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