[openbeos] Re: Visual design stuff again

  • From: "Adi Oanca" <e2joseph@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:41:17 +0300

From: "Lars Hansson"
> > We obviously know different users. I have read lots of comments in
> > forums all over the place saying "My PC just keeps rebooting - this is
> > rubbish".
> They must have been running Windows for sure.

    We ARE targeting those users!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> > My point is that appearing to be a complete "clone" of R5 will not
> > please everyone. Moreover, that does not even accurately reflect what
> > R1 will be.
> Are you saying that a different UI would please everyone?

    He said "appearing". He was referring to the UI only. R.T.F.Mail!

> > 100% new code, a name that doesn't include "Be" or "BeOS" anywhere, the
> > first milestone release from a new team of developers, yet it looks the
> > same pixel-for-pixel as a 5 year old OS.
> Probably because the focus have been on making it work better rather
> than look better.

ALL has to be done better!

> Since I wont be coming to BeGeistert I wont have to fear Jonas hitting
> me so I can continue this dire thread for eternity and beyond!

    Then... you are stupid!
    You didn't have ANY good idea or agreed ANYONE until now!
    I think you should go back to your CLI Linux, and leave this community

    I, for one, won't be responding to you mails anymore, NO MATTER what you

Sayonara, sucker!

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