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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Exchange 2000 Key Management Server Migration to a Windows 2003 CA
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: Exchange 2003 uses the Windows Server 2003 PKI architecture to provide 
secure e-mail services for Exchange users. Exchange 2000 KMS is no longer 
supported. The Windows 2003 Enterprise CA provides central key archiving and 
recovery. This article explains in high level steps how to migrate an Exchange 
2000 KMS database to a Windows Server 2003 CA.

Title: Readers' Choice Award - Preferred AntiVirus Solution for Exchange Server
Author: Admin
Summary: The antivirus industry is a highly competitive environment, with each 
vendor staking its own claim as being the best on the market. But how do these 
claims stack up against your own experience with antivirus solutions? Cast your 
vote for your preferred AntiVirus Solution for Exchange in the left hand 

Title: SSL Enabling OWA 2003 using your own Certificate Authority
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: Why spend money on a 3rd party SSL certificate, when you can create 
your own for free? In this article I will show you step by step how you create 
your own SSL Certificate, which among other things is needed in order to 
properly secure Outlook Web Access on your Exchange 2003 Server.

Title: - New Networking Site Launched
Author: Admin
Summary: We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest site - <A 
href=''></a> - a site 
completely dedicated to Windows networking related topics such as setting up 
Windows NT/XP/2000/2003 networks, troubleshooting, connectivity and much more.

Title: Fortis Software?s Exchange Monitor - Voted Readers' 
Choice Award Winner - Exchange Reporting Category
Author: Admin
Summary: Leading Microsoft Exchange Server resource site,, 
announced today that Fortis Software?s Exchange Monitor was selected the winner 
in the Exchange Reporting category of the Readers? Choice 
Awards. PROMODAG Reports and eIQ MailAnalyzer were runner-up and first 
runner-up respectively.

Title: Providing E-Mail Defense in Depth for Microsoft Exchange with the ISA 
2004 Firewall SMTP Message Screener
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: There?s no doubt that spam is public enemy number one, not only to the 
e-mail administrator, but also to the firewall admin. Spam clogs Internet 
connections, wastes corporate bandwidth, reduces employee productivity and 
consumes valuable Exchange Server software and hardware resources. Spam, 
together with its evil cousins e-mail worms and viruses, represent the primary 
threats against corporate networks today. Find out how the ISA 2004 firewall 
protects your Exchange Server by acting as the first line of defense against 
spam and viruses.

Title: Using Public Folders to Maximize Exchange Standard Edition Use
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: Most small businesses rarely use their public folder. At most they 
share their company contact list there. It is ironic that these businesses can 
benefit most from using public folders.

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