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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Themes
Author: Lee Derbyshire
Summary: Ever since its first appearance, many Exchange Admins have attempted 
to customize the Outlook Web Access user interface.  In Exchange 2003, the 
concept of 'themes' makes things a little easier.  This article explains some 
of the theory.

Title: Implementing System Policies in Exchange Server 2003
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: An Exchange System policy provides a new way to apply common settings 
to servers, public folder stores and mailbox stores for all or selected objects 
in an Exchange administrative group. This article explains in detail how to 
implement a mailbox store policy.

Title: The Exchange Anti-Virus Technology Map
Author: Alex Zammit
Summary: The email system today is a crowded virus distribution highway. MS 
Exchange, like any other mail server, needs to handle this threat. In this 
article we look into the predominant server-side technologies used to secure 
Exchange. We discuss gateway and store level anti-virus protection as well as 
the specific anti-virus interfaces provided by Exchange. Amongst other 
interfaces we look into VSAPI 2.0 and the improvements introduced with VSAPI 

Title: Implementing Email Security with Exchange Server 2003
Author: Markus Klein
Summary: Has anyone ever considered Email Security (S/MIME) within their 
Exchange Server 2003 network environment? As complex as it was to configure 
with earlier versions of Exchange Server, now it?s equally easy to implement 
with Exchange Server 2003. The only requirement is a Windows Server 2003 
certificate authority with configured automatic certificate enrollment. 

Title: Joining the Branch Office to the Main Office with the Firewall for 
Microsoft Exchange - ISA 2000 : Connecting to the Main Office Exchange Server 
from the Branch Office using RPC over HTTP
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: The new Outlook and Exchange 2003 RPC over HTTP feature is great for 
users stuck behind restrictive firewalls. But what if you want to put the RPC 
over HTTP proxy server on the ISA firewall machine itself? No problem! Check 
out this article for all the step by step procedures.

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