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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Command Line Administration of your Exchange Full-Text Index with the 
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: In this article, I will show you how to administer the Full-Text index 
with a new command line tool – called MSSEARCH_ADMIN.VBS. This tool greatly 
expands the administration capabilities with a lot of missing features in the 
GUI administration (Exchange System Manager). You can use MSSEARCH_ADMIN.VBS 
with Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003.

Title: Overview of the Exchange 2003 Resource Kit Tools
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: In this article I will give you an overview about the Exchange 2003 
Resource Kit Utilities – called “All-in-One Exchange 2003 Tools” which you can 
download for free from the Microsoft Exchange website.

Title: Exchange log disk is full, Prevention and Remedies
Author: Erik Rozman
Summary: We would like to extend a warm welcome to Microsoft MVP Erik Rozman to 
our team of authors as he presents his first article to readers. 
In the following document I will describe preventive measures that should help 
you avoid running out of disk space and in addition I will also describe 
possible remedies if this has (gasp) already happened. 

Title: Outlook Web Access 2003 Forms-based Authentication and the default 
domain dilemma - Part 2
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: In my first article I showed you how you could edit the Logon.asp page 
in order to login simply by using username instead of username@xxxxxxxxxx (UPN) 
and domain\username. I’ve got some excellent feedback from different Exchange 
admins already using similar methods and my idea with this article was to 
provide you with a few of the improved code snippets I’ve received.

Title: Software Review: GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP
Author: Brien Posey
Summary: Have you ever stopped to think about the fax machine in your office? 
Fax machines started to become popular in the 1980s. Since that time, fax 
machines have changed very little. Sure, they are faster than first generation 
fax machines, and some fax machines now support color, but generally speaking, 
fax machines are based on 1980's technology. In this article I've reviewed GFI 
FAXmaker. I installed the latest version onto my own network to see if it could 
help streamline my business. Here are the results.

Title: Implementing  the X.400 Connector - Is It Worth Using with Exchange 
Server 2003?
Author: Markus Klein
Summary: Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition still provides a X.400 
connector. With Exchange Server 5.5 this was the default protocol and 
connectivity standard. With the release of Exchange 2000 Server Microsoft 
implemented SMTP as the default protocol for connectivity. Due to backward 
compatibility there is still a X.400 based MTA stack available. But it is only 
a stack and not a protocol implementation. The following article is a 
drill-down through the basics of X.400 and how to configure the X.400 
connector. Afterwards we will then talk about in what cases we still need it.

Title: Preparing Exchange 5.5 Directory for Migration to Exchange 2003
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: How to make sure your Exchange 5.5 directory database is ready for the 
upgrade to Active Directory and Exchange 2000/3 based messaging. This article 
will evaluate the ways of making changes in the Exchange 5.5 directory before 
installing the Active Directory Connector (ADC) tool that synchronizes Exchange 
5.5 with Active Directory to ease matching of users and mailboxes.

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