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Protect Your Communication Lifeline!  
The Firewall for Microsoft® Exchange Server stops insidious 
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Remote users still get all the features and benefits of Outlook® - including 
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New articles added to last month:

Title: Symantec AntiVirus - Voted Readers' Choice Award Winner - 
Exchange Anti Virus Category
Author: Admin
Summary: Leading Microsoft Exchange Server resource site,, 
announced today that Symantec AntiVirus was selected the winner in the Exchange 
AntiVirus category of the Readers? Choice Awards. Trend Scan 
Mail and NAI Group Shield were runner-up and first runner-up respectively.

Title: Queue Viewer Improvements in Exchange 2003
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: Being an Exchange Administrator involves several different maintenance 
tasks, one of them is to regularly check if mail messages flows properly 
through your X.400 and SMTP Virtual Server queues, which is where the Queue 
Viewer contained in the Exchange System Manager comes into the picture. In this 
article I will introduce you to the Queue Viewer improvements found in Exchange 
2003, as well as give a brief description of the different queue types 


Title: Getting Help and Information When You Need It
Author: Mark Fugatt
Summary: Getting help when you need it is not as complicated as you may think, 
there are many "self service" options available to you in the form of 
newsgroups, forums, discussion lists, blog and websites. In this article I hope 
to provide you with some valuable resources that you can use to build your 
knowledge of Exchange.

Title: Accelerating the Exchange Server shut down process
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: What do you do when your Exchange server takes a long time to shut 
Here is a short simple way to speed up your Exchange server shutting down.

Title: Configuring Outlook 2003 for Offline Use with Exchange 2003
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: When you use Outlook 2003 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, you can 
configure some folders in your mailbox for offline use, that is, you can use 
the contents of a folder without a Network connection. This article explains in 
detail how you can create, use, and synchronize offline folders.

Title: Moving Mailboxes with the Exchange 2003 Move Mailbox Wizard
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: In this article I will spend some time covering the much improved Move 
Mailbox Wizard found in Exchange Server 2003. The new Move Mailbox Wizard has 
been improved in several areas, its now possible to move up to 4 mailboxes at 
the same time (called Multithreading), you can decide how corrupted items are 
handled, mailbox moves can now be scheduled and there are different options for 
reporting etc.

Title: The Route To Unified Messaging
Author: Alex Zammit
Summary: No matter how many shiny features Exchange may offer, its core task 
remains that of delivering messages from source to destination. Today we look 
into various factors involved in internal message routing. The article starts 
with a generic discussion of message routing and concludes with practical 
examples applied to unified messaging connectors.

Title: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Exchange Server 2003 Message Flow
Author: Markus Klein
Summary: Nowadays, with the great success of Exchange Server 2003, you have to 
prepare yourself on what action to take should message flow related problems 
occur. To ensure that you, as an administrator, become aware and recognize any 
problems before your users have reported them, you will need to make use of 
monitoring. This article will describe how to monitor your server queues and 
how to react if there are any problems.

Title: Exchange 2003 Upgrade Checklist
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: For those about to migrate from Exchange 5.5 to 2003, refer to this 
handy checklist before you plunge into the upgrade process. Being aware of the 
things that need to be considered will help you prepare for a smoother 

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