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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - 
Part 2: Understanding the Co-located SMTP Servers
Summary: In the first part of this article on publishing the Exchange 2000 
IMAP4 service, we went over the procedures required to make the IMAP4 service 
available to users on the Internet via ISA Server 2000 (ISA Server) Server 
Publishing Rules. In this, part 2, of our secure IMAP4 publishing series, we?ll 
go over the high level details required to understand the Co-located SMTP 
server scenario we?re building

Title: New antispam and antivirus technologies will ship in Exchange Server 2003
Summary: Microsoft Corp. announced new antispam and antivirus technologies that 
will ship in Exchange Server 2003 for partners, along with the significant 
enhancements made to the core product, will deliver to customers the most 
secure, reliable version of Exchange to date.

Title: Put Your Exchange 2000 Mailbox On The Web With ADO
Summary: This article explains one way of displaying your E2K mailbox on the 
Web. It's not a replacement for OWA by any means, but at least you can say you 
Did It Yourself.


Title: Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - 
Part 1: Securing Publishing of the IMAP4 Service
Summary: Everyone knows that Exchange 2000 is the perfect mail server if you 
need to support thousands of users, but its also great if you have fewer than a 
hundred users. If you're running a small shop, you might want to save on 
bandwidth costs by using ISA Server and IMAP4 publishing. Publishing IMAP4 is 
great, but you need to do it securely. Check inside for all the details you 
need to make it work!

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