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Articles added to last month:

Title: Exchange 2003 Beta 2 ? Improvements and Questions
Summary: Exchange 2003 is supposed to be a minor upgrade of Exchange 2000, 
mainly delivering improvements based on customer feedback. Exchange 2000, a 
major leap from Exchange 5.5 had some incomplete features and stability issues. 
Some features have been added through services packs (STM files virus checking, 
fault tolerant domain controller access, and more) and some have been saved for 
the new code named Titanium version. Some of the new features are only 
available when installed on the Windows 2003 platform, some only when used with 
the upcoming Outlook 11 client, also in its beta cycle.

Title: Deleted Item Recovery and Deleted Mailbox Recovery
Summary: This article describes how to use the Deleted Item Retension and 
Deleted Mailbox Retension feature in Exchange 2000.

Title: Using a Public Folder as a Mailbox
Summary: In this article we will look at how to use a Public Folder in Exchange 
2000 to collect mail that can then be accessed by multiple users, this could be 
used for a Sales Department or Customer Service mailbox for example.

Title: Backing up Exchange 2000 using Windows 2000 Backup
Summary: This article explains the steps taken to backup your Exchange 2000 
Information Store using the built-in Windows 2000 Backup program on your 
Exchange 2000 Server.

It also explains the other information that should be backed up to ensure you 
can recover from a disaster.

Title: Creating Resource Mailboxes in Exchange 2000
Summary: This article describes the steps you need to take to create a Resource 
Mailbox in Exchange 2000, it also explains what your users need to do in order 
to utilize the Resource Mailbox correctly.

Title: PowerControls v1.1 Exchange Recovery And Admin
Summary: Those of you who already use Ontrack PowerControls v1.0 will know what 
a powerful utility it is, but just how useful has this power been to you? With 
the release of v1.1, Ontrack has added a feature that greatly increases both 
it?s power and it?s usefulness in one go.

Title: Using Public Folders to Hold Company Contacts
Summary: This article describes how you can setup a Public Folder in Exchange 
2000 to hold company contacts, it also explains how to set the permissions on 
the folder and how to allow users to access the folder like an address book.

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