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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Using the Exchange tools ISINTEG and ESEUTIL to Ensure the Health of 
your Information Store
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: In this article I will give you some information on how to use the 
Exchange tools ISINTEG and ESEUTIL. With the help of ESEUTIL you can defragment 
your Exchange information store offline, check the integrity of the store and 
repair the information store in case of emergency. ISINTEG is used to perform 
some tests on the information stores and to fix some errors.

Title: Migrating Contacts and Distribution Lists from Outlook to Active 
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: Use script magic to turn your Outlook MAPI based contact information 
to a lightening fast Active Directory, Exchange enhanced LDAP implementation.

Title: IMF Managers
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: An overview of free IMF add-on tools allowing administrator to track 
which e-mails are blocked, view them, unblock them and more.

Title: Add mail archiving to Exchange: GFI MailArchiver Review
Author: Dan DiNicolo
Summary: You remember Steve, right? That’s Steve from Sales, the guy who needed 
access to an email that he deleted over a year ago. You probably remember the 
hassles of having to first find and then restore his mailbox. Perhaps you even 
recall sifting through his messages, trying to find that single, solitary 
email, and dedicating a whole afternoon to the process. Thankfully, things 
don’t have to be this way. I’m talking about a product called GFI MailArchiver, 
a message archiving solution that makes searching through internal and external 
email as simple as firing up your web browser and searching for the message in 

Title: Exchange 2003 Real World Tweaks (Part 2)
Author: Robert Shimonski
Summary: In today’s high speed quick paced environments whether it be business 
or technology, it is essential to pay close attention to detail when attempting 
be a cut above the rest. Broken out into each subheading, you will find 15 tips 
that we consider very important points to cover when assessing your current 
Exchange environment. You will find Tips 8-15 in this article. Let's take a 
look at each in detail.

Title: Using ADModify to Change Exchange Specific AD User Attributes in Bulk
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: In this article I will give you an insight into how you, with the use 
of ADModify, can modify Exchange attributes on Active Directory (AD) users in 
bulk. If you’re an Exchange administrator in a relatively large organization 
you will quickly learn you can’t afford to be without ADModify.

Title: Exchange 2003 Real World Tweaks (Part 1)
Author: Robert Shimonski
Summary: In today's high speed quick paced environments, whether it be business 
or technology, it is essential to pay close attention to detail when attempting 
be a cut above the rest. It's those finer, smaller details that can make the 
difference in life and sometimes, can be what makes you stand out. When 
counting on your company's email system, it's imperative that you consider 
working to making it the best running system you can.

Title: Implementing High Availability for Outlook Web Access using Network Load 
Author: Markus Klein
Summary: Today nearly every company that is running Exchange Server 2003 
publishes Outlook Web Access to provide their users with the ability to read 
and write emails from nearly all around the world. The only thing you need to 
have is a computer connected to the Internet. This means that it is now more 
important than ever that you provide high availability and high performance to 
your users. Windows Server 2003 provides a powerful solution regarding this 
topic: Network Load Balancing, formerly known as Windows Load Balancing. In 
this article we will see how to configure Network Load Balancing for Outlook 
Web Access Services.

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