[bksvol-discuss] Re: OT: Re: To Carrie

  • From: "Mary Otten" <maryotten@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:44:09 -0600

In response to the question of whether I know anybody who has stopped 
submitting because of feeling picked on, I can only say that I, and I assume 
you as well, have seen the notes from people on this and the 
discuss list from people who have not submitted because of being unsure if 
their material will be acceptable. And it seems that the things that people are 
talking about are things like headers, page numbers, page 
breaks and now this synopsis thing. I have definitely seen notes from people 
who have yet to submit because of these reasons. I realize that peoples' 
intentions are not to pick on any individual. But it can be rather 
daunting if one is a newby to be hit with all this discussion that does go a 
tad over the top at times. 


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