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Wasn't directed to me, but thanks, Pam! This is reassuring. I have been
worried about this too, because I save everything from Openbook into
NotepadEx; I prefer working with  plain text files, but it doesn't show
whether page breaks are there or not. I have been frantically trying to get
scanned books into shape to submit before March, but it sounds like I don't
have to.


From: "Pam Quinn
My advice is not to worry about it. Page numbers are often stripped
anyway once the books are out of our hands. If you use kerzweil which
I think you do, the page breaks will be where they should be whether
you submit in .rtf or .txt. I'm not even sure if it matters if all of
the page breaks are there or if they're in the right places. The main
thing is that if a file has them, wherever they might be, the books
will be easier for the daisy users to navigate.

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>That's one of the reasons I haven't submitted or validated anything for a
long time.  My membership comes due in a month or two so I'll have to start
submitting or validating shortly to earn credits for next year's membership
and with all the confusion about page breaks, where the page number should
appear on the page--left, center or right), stripping headings, etc. I'm not
looking forward to it!!  I'm still scanning, but just hanging on to what
I've done.  I'm close to 1300 books now in the folder of books I've scanned.
A few are already on Bookshare and I hope to one day replace with better
scans, but I believe most of what I've scanned isn't on Bookshare.  I bought
several old books from our library's used bookstore the other day that were
copyrighted in the 1930's and 1940's.
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>  You're not the only one who is confused about page breaks in spite of the
help others have given. I am currently using Kurzweil to validate and it
doesn't ever even say the word page break. I just assume they are where the
Kurzweil page numbers are spoken but don't know if that's correct. And if a
book number is missing I really have no idea where to type it or whether to
insert a page break. I could really use help on this. Jill
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>    Carrie:
>    I have 4 short children's books that were placed on the site last week.
They are validated, but I cannot find any page breaks at all.  Should I
reject them (not my favorite thing to do), accept them as is, or release for
someone else to put page breaks in who can see them? They are RTF and I
placed them on my BN to validate.  Sure hope I did not clear the page
>    I have contacted Gustavo, but when I saw your name on here, I decided
to ask directly! I am just so, so confused about this page break thing! I
don't have Kurzweil so I am not certain anymore what I should use for
>    Reggie

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