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I agree, I try to think of otjhers reading the book and want to know what the book is about and since we are getting onto the NLS site, I think or have something to do with them anyway, I try to do a book the way they would, after that is the way readers are used to.
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Yes, exactly! And I have another similarly annoying instance to add to that. When there is a synopsis
that all but repeats the title name. Anyone seen some like these? They'd
be something like.
Beautiful Day: A Love Story. Synopsis, a love story.
I'm like, no kidding! Thanks! Would it have been hard to write something a little more descriptive? And if you can't, why not just put none? Those
irritate me most I think. <smile>


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I must add my grumpiness to E.'s on this subject. It is so aggravating not
to have even a brief synopsis. For heaven's sake, how long does it take to
visit Powells or Amazon or do a simple Google search to find one?

And perhaps worse in my opinion is to see "mystery by bestselling author."
in the synopsis field! That tells us nothing about the book. Maddening


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Again we have books on the new books list with no synopsis.  I assume
must mean the person who scanned it and the validator have no idea what
book is about.  Yes I am being sarcastic.  Also A Private Affair has a
synopsis with a lot of errors in it.

Is there some simple way we can add descriptions to books if we are not
submitter or validator?  It would make the list nicer.  Also, I run into
lot of descriptions with spelling errors or other messiness.  How can we
fix that?

Forgive me if my message sounds grumpy.

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