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I see page breaks in a lot of the ones I have done in my three months as an
on/off validator.  I had never heard of section breaks used in that sense
and was afraid my inexperienced hands would mmess upp her scan.  Would the
section breaks be in the same place as page numbers?  Donna's scan did not
have an errors in the parts I sampled.  But where the page numbers were my
version of Word didn't see any blank lines, just the one with  the page

Sue S.

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I've noticed with the books that are OCRed at the Bookshare office, that
they all have section breaks instead of page breaks.  When I edit a book
like that with Word, the first thing I do is replace all the section breaks
with page breaks.  Marissa said that replacing them is not necessary, but I
still do it for my own peace of mind.  What I don't know is whether other
editing programs delete all the section/page breaks or leave them in.
Anyone know?


Pam Quinn <quinns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  That's the problem with this page break thing. Some of us edit in
  programs that don't announce the page breaks so can't tell whether
  they're there or not. I've noticed in Word sometimes the page breaks
  aren't announced and sometimes they are with window eyes, and
  sometimes when window eyes doesn't announce them, Jaws will. If all
  else fails what you can do is go into the file properties and it will
  tell you how many pages are in the file. If it doesn't say one page,
  you should be okay. I really do think that most of us are scanning
  with programs that put page breaks in, and I think having a file
  without them would be rare.


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