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only  partly, because it builds up to a climax. On my flevo racer (20inch) it 
was  the rider that set the maximum speed, not the bike. 60kmh is about what 
I  personally feel with (on nice roads, good conditions,  etc..).

I agree entirely!  (really!)  and if you look at travel and  what we do, the 
margin between exhilarating and "scary" is often perception and  a tiny tiny 
problem.  (though look at the thin line between moving well and  disaster!  I 
can tell you stories!) Not that I have become afraid to go  fast, My Rans 
Rocket is very stable at any speed and I really DO want to to  tinker with a 
that will go as fast as it can be pushed. I have gone  nearly entirely 3 
wheels.  You see, there is this hill on my way TO  and from work.  I ride 
through a 
Valley with steep sides so BOTH directions  I get a nice sweaty workout!  
Actually I ride up one side of a ridge,  descend to the creek and climb the 
ridge.  Total distance from my home  to the top of the second ridge is about 2 
miles (3 KM?)  On the Vision with  the LWB it was a GAS to hurtle down.  
either direction!  (fun on a  motorbike too honestly!)  Same with the Rans. But 
my Trike, it gets a  bit.....what, not really frightening, but you breath 
funny and the trike changes  direction.  I also have had a bit of difficulty 
the coordination of  the front brakes.  Nothing has happened so far, and it 
really has not been  "dangerous" in any way but I do NOT like the vision that 
runs through my mind of  screaming down the hill and have the trike cartwheel 
into traffic !   ouch!  to say the least!
come  to the Midwest HPV/ Velomobile conference 
June 11/12 2005 Cedar Rapids,  Iowa
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